Love in the Kitchen

If only the Farm Journal cookbooks were still available for the prices they could be purchased for when my mother was buying them after her wedding to my father in the 1970’s. I told my mother last night that I wished that she had purchased 2 of each of the Farm Journal cookbooks that she bought, planning ahead for presents for her domestic daughter. I prefer to cook from the recipes found in older cookbooks. We have noticed that many of the new versions of cookbooks,  for example the classic Fannie Farmer cookbook, or just plain new cookbooks, have an increased amount of sugar in the recipes from olden times. Eating delicious food does not necessitate the use of more sugar. We already live in an overly sweetened society, with plenty of extra fats to spread around, and I am trying to take my family to a simpler time of good, wholesome, home cooked meals. Our time will be spent in the kitchen together as a family, creating food and memories, with my husband and myself teaching our daughter, and soon our son, to be good homemakers, and great chefs. We will put extra love and not extra sugar into the foods we create.

A photo primed to bring a little extra longing in your heart for a slice of Concord Grape pie. This pie is the great-grandchild of grape pies my Great-Grandmother was creating in her farmhouse kitchen. What a wonderful legacy of taste to leave to my own children. Even in this pie is 1/8 C. less sugar than the original recipe calls for. Yet, it’s taste is just as sweet.


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