“Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.” — Henry David Thoreau, Wild Apples 

Did you ever stand in front of the apple aisle with your eyes gleaming, your mind racing to imagine all the wonderful dishes that these beautiful fruits could create? An untouched apple is pure gold in the eyes of a cook who loves Autumnal dishes as much as I do. These virgin fruit can become pies, applesauces, and bread. The smell of apples cooking is like smelling golden Fall leaves raked into heaping piles in the yard, of the slight frosty nip in the air, of a warm beloved sweater.

I made the most delicious applesauce yesterday. The best part about cooking in the crock pot is that the smell permeates the house and it makes me wish it was cooked that much faster. We have an agricultural college in the town I grew up in and they have a beautiful marketplace filled with local foods. I love finding new kinds of apples and I bought 3 Ginger Gold apples and 3 Sunrise apples. The Sunrise apples are wonderfully mushy and are perfect for cooking down into applesauce. I added 1/2 C. of dark brown sugar (I rarely use light brown sugar), and a good sprinkling of lemon juice from the bottle. Put on high for a few hours in the crock pot and then I mushed it up with a potato masher, and ate it with delight. You can add Cinnamon or Nutmeg as you see fit. 


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