Peach Pie

My mom, daughter and I went out to a wonderful family-run farm in the country and got, most likely, the last fresh peaches we will get this season. I decided that since the last peach pie I made turned out so well and was such a hit with my family (though sadly my husband is left out in this instance) I would go ahead and make a 2nd peach pie. What better way to use fresh peaches? When using this Southern Living recipe I generally leave off the sugar on top. Going back to my thoughts on Love in the Kitchen I think with all that wonderful sweet goodness inside the beautiful pie crust that sugar on top would be overkill. I do think, however, that sugar on top of pie crust is delicious, but I’m a purist when it comes to my pies.

So, I have never tried a smoked pie before today but that is what I ended up with. The pie dishes I  am working with at the moment are not deep enough (I prefer a 10″ pie plate to the standard 9″), so I already had to throw out some of the good sugar juices, though I put in as much of the juice as I could without it overflowing the pie plate instantly. There was aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven, but the juices came out quickly and caused massive smoking. My husband was gone at that time, and I was scared the smoke alarm was going to go off and wake up my tired and thankfully napping daughter, so I opened windows, and back door, turned on the loud fan above the oven, and did my best to get fresh aluminum foil in the bottom of the oven and on top of the already browned pie while not breathing in too much smoke. I was upset at the look of the pie when it was finally done cooking since it looked like the whole top was burnt, but it is delicious with no chalky burnt taste. The only reason it looks so dark is because of the oven smoke. Even with the new aluminum foil the oven would not stop smoking. I was grateful to finally turn the oven off, and be able to finish airing out the house. 

Due to the lack of juices in the pie it is not as sweet as normal, or as sweet as I normally like it, but my family really enjoyed the delectable dessert, including my daughter who generally does not like the filling of the pie, just the crust. She takes after her father in that respect.


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