I love S’mores. Really and truly I do. When my husband and I first lived in an apartment with a wood burning fireplace we decided one day that we should roast marshmallows over an open fire indoors! Getting to enjoy a traditionally outside treat in the comfort of my own living room. When we moved to our last home, which did not have a fireplace, I knew that I had to continue eating S’mores and needed to find a good alternate way to create these delicious treats. Once the Honey Maid graham crackers that I knew and loved started to taste like garbage I also took a hiatus from my beloved snack. We recently discovered that Keebler graham crackers are a good alternative to the old, good tasting Honey Maid graham crackers. So I start with good graham crackers, snap one in half, put 1 piece of a large chocolate bar (I always use Hershey’s Special Dark bar) and microwave the chocolate on top of the graham cracker half for 45 seconds. I then make a tin foil plate to put the large marshmallow on and broil in the toaster oven. I would also use the broiler in the oven when I did not have the benefit of using a toaster oven. Then put together and enjoy. Anything I can do to facilitate getting a S’more.


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