S’more Caloric Count

So I decided to count the calories in my favorite, and daily, snack – the S’more. I am not a calorie counter. I do not diet. My husband and I believe in eating what makes us happy, while in turn making sure that our meals and snacks are healthy and delicious. We just do not eat huge quantities, preferring to eat smaller meals more frequently, which allows us the freedom to enjoy our homemade food made with real butter, cream, cheese, and the rest of the good stuff. Rarely do we eat out, and when we do we know that the calories in each entree will be ridiculous, though normally an entree out at a restaurant is at least 2 meals + snack for each of us. I have just had this curiosity come over me about what was in each S’more and thought I would post my findings here. My personal serving size is 2 S’mores. I make my S’more with Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bar, breaking off 2 pieces, 2 sheets of Keebler Graham Crackers original, and 2 of Wegman’s large Marshmallow’s. 

2 S’mores

242 Calories

8.3 grams Fat

24.6 grams Sugar

When thinking about whether or not I should have one I will just read this article, and realize that Dark chocolate is actually health food. Then I should probably take a walk. 


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