Cinnamon-Sugar Breadsticks

We love leftovers. The best part about making a yummy meal is having it again for lunch or dinner the next day. It’s going to be hard when my family is large enough that they eat the whole meal in one sitting and I don’t get to enjoy any leftovers. I guess I’ll have to triple the recipe just to make sure I make leftovers at the same time. Since we will be enjoying the Italian Chicken soup again, I thought since I did not do a bread yesterday to go with the soup the first time around that I should make a bread to go with the leftovers. Since we have been cooking 2 pizzas at a time there is no leftover dough for breadsticks, so I figured I would just make a pizza dough recipe and dedicate all of it to making breadsticks, and adding a variety of seasonings to them. I thought that a dessert breadstick would be delicious, too, so we are trying Cinnamon-Sugar breadsticks with a Confectioners Sugar and milk dipping frosting. I found a recipe online, since I was curious what ratio to make the Cinnamon-Sugar, that said to use 1/4 C. sugar to 1 Tbs. Cinnamon. So that is what I did, and the result was a perfect mix of Cinnamon to Sugar. The comments below were complaining that that was not enough Cinn. to sugar, but I don’t think you want too much Cinnamon, since it is a very strong, though scrumptious, seasoning. My husband made the dough we used for the sweet breadsticks flat, and then added the sugar mixture inside of the breadsticks, before rolling them up, adding the melted butter to the tops and sprinkling on more Cinnamon-Sugar. In addition to the sweet breadsticks, my husband added Garlic powder to the tops of some, Italian seasoning to others, and the last batch we did plain but once they were out of the oven he sprinkled freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top. It will be a continuing experiment, but the trial run was delicious!


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