My daughter absolutely loves these cookies. They are not as flashy as some, as chocolatey as others, but their simplicity has won her over, and I will make them for her just because I love her. Maybe you will love them to.

Quality Cooking

My husband was wondering why Snickerdoodle cookies do not have Snicker’s bars in them. Good question with no good answer. I guess, really, the best answer is that Snickerdoodle cookies are simplistic, yet yummy. My daughter simply adored the batch I made yesterday and that is what truly matters. I already have a husband who does not eat sweets, no tomato based sauces, most fruits, brown sugar, molasses, and honey, or many vegetables; I do not want to lose my daughter to her father’s way of eating just yet. When I make a wonderful sweet from love I wish my whole family could enjoy it, but I will have to settle for one daughter enjoying it right now. Plus, after having had 2 children I do not need anything extra finding its way onto my body to stay awhile. At my husband’s request I did not roll out the last…

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