Plan B Chicken Tacos

It is always a good idea to have a back up plan if dinner unexpectedly goes awry. My husband was grilling chicken leg quarters on the grill with our grilled chicken sauce and when he went to go check on them he practically lost his arm hairs opening the grill due to the giant flames that popped up when he lifted the lid. Now those were charred leg quarters, or cajun style as I like to call them because they sure were blackened; thankfully the meat underneath the burnt skin was done, and tasty, so my husband, being the calm and collected thinker that he is (not like me who would have been in another room crying over burnt chicken) skinned off the char, cut the meat off of the bones, and threw it all into the pot with the grilled chicken sauce. 

Along with the chicken in the sauce we made our favorite Uncle Ben’s Rice Pilaf, got out the Mission corn tortillas, opened a can of black beans, shredded some mild cheddar cheese, minced some onions, and made up our own Plan B Chicken Tacos. I must say they were extraordinary and will be going onto our normal meal plan as part of the rotation. It is crucial to heat up the tortillas so they are pliable and do not break when folding them. I was glad that dinner got “messed up” and we discovered these yummy tacos. 


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