Larger French Fries

In the last post of Matchstick Fries (Homemade French Fries) I mentioned that I wanted to try making them larger. Well, I did and they were terrific, but I think using the Pioneer Woman’s Perfect French Fries recipe as the guideline was better for the larger fries. I cut these fries larger, then soaked them in the ice water for almost 2 hours. Then I dried them on paper towels while the oil was heating to 300°. The problem I found is that heating the oil on the stovetop makes it difficult to get the temperature just right, and then once you add the potatoes the temp. drops crazy low and it takes a while to get it back up. I just kept upping the temp. to get them softened in the 4-5 minute time period the first cooking is supposed to take.

So the small fries I cooked in the hot oil with no pre-cooking and they browned up nicely and were done. These larger fries I pre-fried to soften them in the lower temperature oil. I drained them all, working in batches, and then turned up the temp. once I had cooked all 3 batches (I made 4 russet potatoes). In the hot oil I cooked them the 2nd time until they were a beautiful golden brown (ere on the darker side for a tastier fry), salting them as soon as they came out of the hot oil. The next time, because I am working in batches, I will heat the oven and keep them warm while I am cooking the remaining potatoes. 

Here is the link for the Pioneer Woman’s version of all this french fried goodness. 


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