Linguine with Basil, Tomato and Cream Cheese Sauce

We have already made this recipe twice since discovering it last week. It’s a hit with the whole family. 🙂

Linguine with Basil, Tomato and Cream Cheese Sauce

1 box of linguine

1 pint grape tomatoes

olive oil

sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

8 oz. cream cheese

4 tsp. minced garlic (4-5 cloves)

1 14.5 oz can of chicken broth

1 C. chopped fresh basil*

juice of 1 lemon

*I only had a small amount of fresh basil, so I also added a couple tsp. of dried basil

  • Get the pot of water heating on the stovetop. Make sure to salt the water before the pasta goes in. Cook the pasta according to the directions on the package, though for best results you should try to time the pasta to be done at the same time the sauce is finished so that you can drain the pasta, butter it thoroughly and put it right into the sauce in the pan.
  • Over Medium heat get the a few teaspoons of olive oil hot and add in the tomatoes. Cook, stirring regularly, until the tomatoes start to cook and burst slightly. Once they are finished put them into a bowl and set aside.
  • Add the garlic into the pan and cook briefly before adding in the chicken broth. Turn down to low and scrape all the bit off the bottom.
  • Soften the cream cheese in the microwave for about 1 minute. Stir a little of the hot broth into the cream cheese and stir. Then incorporate all the cream cheese into the broth. Once it is all whisked in add in the lemon juice and fresh basil, as well as the cooked tomatoes. (If adding dried basil add in with the chicken broth).
  • Finish by putting all the pasta into the sauce and stir to combine.

We really enjoy this pasta with a grilled chicken breast and focaccia, which recipe I will post soon.

Slightly adapted from Our Best Bites. I do plan on trying this recipe with the zucchini, however ours have not ripened yet, so I will have to try it soon. 


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