Cornmeal Double Pie Crust

As I was perusing the Farm Journal pie recipe book I came across a recipe for a cornmeal pie crust. I thought it was a great idea, and based this recipe off of that idea. I think any more than what I have listed for cornmeal will make the crust too gritty. I enjoyed the small amount of grit to the texture when I used this in my peach pie. This is an instance of the principle of less is more.

Cornmeal Double Pie Crust

2 C. all-purpose flour

1/4 C. + 2 Tbs. finely ground cornmeal, divided

1 tsp. salt

Just about 2/3 C. lard

3 Tbs. ice water

  • Sift together the dry ingredients, leaving out the 2 Tbs. of cornmeal.
  • Using your hands or a pastry blender cut in the lard until the mixture resembled peas. When squeezing a handful in your hands the top end should crumble off, while the rest stays together. This will assure that your crust does not come out like a cracker, which it will if there is too much flour. I would use slightly less than 2/3 C. of lard. If it is too sticky add the 2 Tbs. of cornmeal or more flour.
  • Mix in the ice water until the dough comes together. Separate into 2 balls and finished adding water by hand to seal any cracks. 
  • Roll them out in-between 2 pieces of well floured wax paper until they are the right size for your pie dish. I have been using a 10″ deep dish plate in order to hold all of the yummy pie filling, so I have to roll the dough out a little bit more than with other dishes. 
  • Chill the discs of rolled out dough for at least 30 minutes, removing them before needing to use them in order to bring them back up to room temperature. 

Based on 2 pie dough recipes from the Farm Journal Pie recipe book. 


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