An Easy Way to Cook a Whole Chicken

I learned a new way to cook a whole chicken last week: in the crock pot! I made my own rub, rubbed it onto the washed whole chicken, placed it on the bed of onions in the crock pot, breast side up, and cooked it on low for 4-5 hours. It is as easy as that. I love a oven-roasted chicken, where the skin gets brown and crackly, and if that is what you want then the crock pot is not the place to cook your chicken. However, I wanted all the meat cooked, and subsequently shredded to use in soup, no crispy skin required, so the crock pot was the place to cook. After all the meat was taken off the bones, skin, and a small amount of meat went into a large stock pot, was covered with water, and cooked to create fresh chicken broth to use in the soup. I used 8 Cups of water, brought the pot to a boil and then turned it down to low heat- about 3. I leave it on the stovetop to cook for a few hours. Then you have tender, shredded chicken meat and fresh broth to use or freeze for immediate or future use. 


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