What to do with a Cold Baked Potato

Have you ever wondered what to do with a cold baked potato? There are almost always some left over from a dinner involving baked potatoes hot from the oven that get stuck in the refrigerator afterwards, but do you ever use them? I love having leftover cold potatoes because it means that I can make hot country-style hash browns for lunch the next day. I take the potato, skin and all, and slice them in half. Then I turn the halves over, flat side on the cutting board, cut them in half and each of the halves into half. Then I start at one end and slice them up into fairly small pieces, cutting down any piece that might be too large, depending on the thickness of the potato. I leave on some of the skin, while taking out pieces of skin that have already fallen off of the potato. I also dice up an onion, usually red, and get about 3 Tbs. butter melting in a skillet over medium/med.high heat. Once the butter is melted I add the onion and start that cooking for a couple minutes, and then add in my potatoes, seasoning with salt and pepper as desired. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get a good crust, flipping often enough to brown the potatoes and get a nice crust, while not burning the hash. I love the ease of making and the yumminess of this hash served with eggs over medium. What do you do with a cold baked potato?


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